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 GarenaM4ST3R hacks and Changelog.

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GarenaM4ST3R hacks and Changelog. Empty
PostSubject: GarenaM4ST3R hacks and Changelog.   GarenaM4ST3R hacks and Changelog. I_icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 3:45 am

Last updated -06-13-10- GMT 8
a sincere note to those who have complaints, please, if the version updates too often its because of bugs,if it updates too late, its because DS is busy, he has a life too yah know,if it has too many bugs
its,the reason why there's an update.

Hello Garenamaster users!

Garenamaster bug that says they have a new version even if they don't : Fixed

Here is the link to the official Thread [ Download in the GarenaM4ST3R Thread ]

Latest Version : 28.09 [I] <- Click for the official thread

Hack Results :

Name Spoofer : Working
Remove 5 Second Wait : Working
Auto - Joiner : Working
Host Hack : 100% Working
All others are fine as well : 100% Working
Exp Hack : Working 50/15mins basic, 100/15mins gold.
Wc3 Enable Trade :Working
Member Styles : Working
Change /w "nick" to "NICK"ENTER" : Working
Auto - Joiner DLL can be used if you don't like the build in one.

Maphacks :
Delay reducer: Working
camera distance hack : Working
Enemy Ping Signals : Working
Common Maphack Features : Working
Hero ESP : Working
Manabars : Working but will rarely restart your computer when you click it.
Rune Notifier : Working
Wc3 Enable Trade :Working

camera distance hack : same as 1.24D Working
Enemy Ping :Working
Common Maphack Feats. :Working
Hero ESP : Working
Rune Notifier : Working

Cam Distance Hack : Working
Enemy Ping : Working
Common Map hack Feats. :Working
Rune Notifier : Working
Wc3 Enable Trade :Working

Cam distance Hack : Working
Enemy Ping : Working
Common map hack Feats. : Working [ sometimes when in fog of war, enemies walk like robots. ]
Rune Notifier : Working
Wc3 Enable Trade :Working

Note : this applies to all version of Wc3, Manabars should be activated before a game starts, if not, the game MIGHT crash. Warkeys are working

For Vista OS: [ thanks to my friend who uses vista ]
Everything i mentioned for xp complies to this OS
remember running as ADMIN.

- Improved Changelog and Chat box.
- Updated Logo.

Messages to the forum:
do not spam in the chat box.
always address problems to the available admins.
Latest is 28.05 until later, DS will update as soon as he can.


To those who are complaining that their ping increased :
there could be explanations, your internet connection might be dynamic.
dynamic connections are those that change ip address every certain amount of time, for each ip address varies a different ping depending on the area of the ip address.
REMEMBER : Use GarenaM4ST3R at own RISK
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GarenaM4ST3R hacks and Changelog.
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